About JKA Migenkan

JKA Migenkan offers authentic Japanese Karate-Dō practice to children and youths in Canada’s National Capita, Ottawa.

JKA Migenkan was founded by Bio Aikawa Sensei in 2014 to promote JKA Shōtōkan Karate-Dō among children and youth. In addition to regularly  scheduled classes offered year around through JKA Shōtōkan Karate program at Plant Recreation Centre, JKA Migenkan students have a wide range of opportunities to improve themselves through extra curricular activities offered across Canada as well as around the world. JKA Migenkan is affiliated with Ottawa Shōtōkan Karate- (OSKD) and follows technical guidance by its founder and chief instructor, Oscar Avellaneda Sensei. JKA Migenkan is a member of JKA Shotokan Karate-Do World Organization of Canada (JKA-SKD Canada) which is directly affiliated with Japan Karate Association (JKA) in Japan.

Its Birth

JKA Migenkan consists of three Japanese characters (Kanji):

  • MI(未) has a meaning of “yet to be”. One word that commonly uses this Kanji is “future”(未来) – literal meaning of the word is “not yet arrived”.
  • GEN(現) means apparent, and when it is combined with another Kanji, it forms a word “reality” (現実)
  • KAN (館) means “house of”.

JKA Migenkan (JKA 未現館) is named thinking of the future of children and youth, wishing that they learn key principles of life through Karate-Dō practice to become capable of overcoming any challenges that they may face in their lives as they grown into adults. Any parents wish their children to be happy, be fulfilled, and have successful lives. JKA Migenkan wishes to contribute to their success and their parents’ wishes through the teaching of Karate-Dō.


Class Mottos

  • Develop Strength And Coordination
  • Increase Confidence
  • Develop Discipline And Concentration
  • Enjoy

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